Making Sense of Greater Richmond’s Transit Governance

The tagline for this video is “No wonder we don’t get much done.”
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What is Transit Governance?

  • Greater Richmond Transit Authority (GRTC) in Purple
  • Richmond Metropolitan Transportation Authority (RMTA) in Orange
  • PlanRVA in Yellow
  • PlanRVA’s transportation arm, the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RRTPO) in Brown
  • The newly created Central Virginia Transit Authority (CVTA) in Blue

Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC)

GRTC - Role

GRTC - Planning

GRTC - Funding

Lots of players fund GRTC that do not have a say in how it is run.
  • CVTA (est. $20 million)
  • VA DRPT ($11.9 million)
  • Federal ($8.2 million)
  • Richmond ($8.1 million)
  • Bus Riders (Fare Revenue) ($5.7 million)
  • Henrico ($4.3 million)
  • VCU ($1.7 million)
  • Chesterfield ($1.2 million)
  • Petersburg ($200k)

GRTC - Governance Structure

Visualizing GRTC’s funding and board representation.

Central Virginia Transit Authority (CVTA)

CVTA - Role

CVTA - Governance Structure

  • Four Votes: Chesterfield, Henrico, Richmond
  • Three Votes: Hanover
  • Two Votes: Goochland, New Kent, Powhatan
  • One Vote: Ashland, Charles City, State Delegate, State Senator, Commonwealth Transporation Board
  • No votes: Director of the Department of Rail and Public Transportation, Commissioner of Highways, CEO of GRTC, and CEO of RMTA.

CVTA - Incoming Funding

CVTA In Funding

CVTA - Outgoing Funding

  • 15% directly to GRTC.
  • 50% returned to the 9 localities that belong to the CVTA, proportional to the tax revenue each raised. That money can be used only for transportation purposes, which includes transit.
  • 35% to Regional Transportation Projects.

Richmond Metropolitan Transportation Authority (RMTA)

RMTA - Governance

  • Richmond City: 5 Appointees
  • Chesterfield County: 5 Appointees
  • Henrico County: 5 Appointees
  • Commonwealth Transportation Board: 1 Appointee

PlanRVA (The Regional Commission)

PlanRVA - Role

PlanRVA - Governance Structure


PlanRVA’s Funding

  • Federal Funding: $2.03 million
  • State Funding: $392,000
  • Local Funding: $795,000

PlanRVA Staff

Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RRTPO)

RRTPO - Role

RRTPO - Governance Structure

RRTPO Governance & Voting Structure source:

What Do We Make of All This?




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